Game Play First

We believe that the essence of fun in the realm of electronic interactive media stems from the interactivity between the player and software. As such, this interaction must be crafted to its best in order to provide meaningful and memorable experiences.

Have Fun

Making games is hard work, especially at an indie studio. That doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy our work. Peak Pixel Games encourages fun in the workplace by providing a relaxed and casual studio with no set “check-in” times. Our members are also active game players who enjoy a wide variety of video games out on the market.


All our studio members are personally responsible for the games that they work on. Everyone possesses a strong sense of dedication and self-motivation in every assigned feature; and is expected to lead the charge when going above and beyond in implementing the best game features possible with the tools available at our disposal.


Passionate developers are the most important resource in creating great games. The drive and motivation to develop the best products possible for our player-base allows us to anticipate the needs in every project. It also shows that we are willing to go the extra mile in creating quality products.