Long time update!

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Hi guys,

it’s been awhile since we’ve updated the blog. It’s for a few good reasons, mostly because we’ve been so busy working on our other projects here at Peak!
Since our last update, we’ve worked on a Japanese Language teaching game prototype that is being used for research at the University of Calgary and the University of Leipzig. It’s been presented the past 2 years at the Replaying Japan game studies conferences!
Japanese Language teaching Game Prototype
Research Presentation Replaying Japan 2015 – Kyoto

We’ve also worked with the Calgary Police Service and the University of Calgary in creating a law enforcement training simulator that is being used to educate and simulate tactical conditions at the police academy. The simulator supports multiple sessions with up to 100 participants simultaneously training with each other. It also features voice chat and in addition to the standard weapon and action loadout you can find in Call Of Duty or Battlefield; we also implemented a balanced pepper spray and taser mechanic!
Enforcing Policing In Communities

In addition, we’ve also worked in the mobile advertising/gamification scene with our contributions to level and camera scripting and design on the KFC China and EXO-M music app that was released in China at the start of 2015.
KFC玩出味 • EXO-M Edition

and lately, we’ve been hard at work on our latest game: Alex”G”: Infinity! This is in partnership with our partner studio PureArts who are based in China!
Together, we’ve been working hard on this game and it will be released early this year in 2016. I hope you will keep up with us as we slowly reveal more about the project!

Demo Server Up

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Hi guys,

sorry about the server dying. We’ve fixed the links and are renting some 2nd hand hamsters for our backup server. The good news is that the demo is now Live again and can be downloaded. We really apologize for all the inconvenience and will be working to purchase more hamsters to fix our main server.

Peak Pixel Dev Team

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Hi Guys,

Sorry about the long absence of updates. The Calgary June flood of 2013 completely destroyed our studio. We’ve lost the office, equipment, and our investor/programmer who was fronting the money for our operation costs/needs.

We’ve been all working from our own homes respectively on our free time, and we’ve just passed our first major milestone yesterday!!!

So to celebrate, here’s a little preview of our first boss fight in the game! Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to share it!