Demo Server Up

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Hi guys,

sorry about the server dying. We’ve fixed the links and are renting some 2nd hand hamsters for our backup server. The good news is that the demo is now Live again and can be downloaded. We really apologize for all the inconvenience and will be working to purchase more hamsters to fix our main server.

Peak Pixel Dev Team

Demo File Server Died

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Hi guys,

based on numerous reports, it seems that our server that was hosting the game demo has died. We’re currently re-uploading to another more reliable service. The demo file will be up very soon. We sincerely apologize for this situation.

Peak Pixel Games Staff

Play testing has begun!

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Hi guys and gals, we have begun play tests for our first upcoming demo release. You can see, in the picture, the level progression that our tester went through. First zone took approximately 1 hour to walkthrough.

The team has been hard at work on the game this month, with our first demo scheduled for release hopefully at the start of September. Hopefully you all will support us and also have some fun playing the demo!